18 Jun
Shooting Out The Node.js Development Trends

In this modern era, most of things have been made  possible with the help of technology. We cannot even imagine our lives without some intelligent devices that make our life easy and exciting up to a much extent. All the developers throughout the world are eagerly making assumptions related to the technology and keep predicting the trends in their particular fields. With emerging technologies, most of things can be handled and performed easily. But it is somewhat challenging to choose the right technology for any development project. This may remain the primary concern for you. So, if you want to watch out for the expected trends of Node.js, then this article will truly help you. To select the Node JS Development Company for your business is not an easy thing. Make sure that you have selected highly skilled and certified professionals.   

What is the exact definition of Node.js?   

Node.js is a highly popular JavaScript runtime which is built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine. It makes use of the event-driven, asynchronous, non-blocking input/output model. Node.js basically works on a single-thread event loop. Thus, the Node is very efficient & also eliminating the wait for the requests. It was created by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009.      

You might be already aware that the popularity of Node.JS has increased significantly in recent years. There are approx. more than 27,000 websites which are relying on Node.JS in the US. Therefore, you can say that Node.js is the most popular framework. Many online giants such as eBay, Netflix, AliExpress, PayPal, and much more are powered by Node.JS. The framework of Node.js comes with an extensive library of javascript modules which helps in simplifying the whole development process.   

Topmost Node.js Frameworks   

 Let us grow through the best Node.js Frameworks as follows:    

1. Express.js: Express.js is considered as the top web app framework of Node.js. It has gained the most attention because it is highly lightweight & flexible. Moreover, it comes up with robust features for the website as well as the mobile app development. There are various famous frameworks based on Express.js.    

2. Meteor.js: It is also one of the topmost Node.js Frameworks. This is a well-known open-source platform which is used by ample developers in order to develop web as well as mobile apps. In addition, Meteor.js is famous among developers for creating simple, efficient, and scalable javascript applications. Meteor is one of the highly mature open-source frameworks which allows an excellent platform for the users.    

3. Koa.js: Koa.js basically allows a developer to perform actions downstream and then filters & manipulates the response upstream. Koa is an all-new web framework that is designed by the team behind Express. It allows developers to ditch callbacks & greatly enhance the error-handling.    

4. Sails.js: Sails.js is among the most famous MVC frameworks for Node.js. This is especially designed to match the known MVC pattern of frameworks but with support for modern apps’ requirements. Sails offer features such as data-driven APIs with scalable & service-oriented architecture.    

5. NestJS: NestJS is one of the famous open-source, extensible, versatile, Node.js frameworks for making effective & demanding backend systems. You can say it is one of the fastest-growing Node.js frameworks in TypeScript currently. It is also used for writing scalable, testable as well as loosely coupled applications.   

Watch out for the top-notch Node.Js trends   

In case you are going to develop a web app and also looking for the best methods to establish a Node.Js app development. Then, here are some of the exclusive trends in Node.js which may help you to get an edge over your competitors quickly.    

1. MEAN & MERN Stack: Both the technology stacks ‘MEAN & MERN’ are booming & powerful. And the thing which makes them powerful is AngularJS and React. MEAN Stack is a perfect combo of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, & NodeJS. Meantime, the MERN Stack makes use of React rather than Angular.    

2. Real-Time Applications: Real-time applications are highly trending nowadays. It will continue to be on the topmost level of the charts. These types of apps require a robust as well as strong backend. Examples of real-time apps include video calling, instant messaging, online gaming, and many other apps like this. Node.js takes advantage of Websocket & Event API in order to execute two-way communication. Undoubtedly, you can say that the future of real-time apps is incredible.    

3. Internet of Things (IoT): Node.js is a popular featureful runtime environment that grants developers to actualize the data-oriented, on-time capabilities & microservices. The whole world has already accepted technological changes. Therefore, if you want to deal with it, then adapt to this advanced technology. Thus, you can trust node.js to help to build IoT Apps for your clients.    

4. Serverless Solution: Everyone wants to save money & enhance the efficiency as well as productivity of the developers. You must be glad to know that Node.js is an excellent solution for serverless architecture; additionally, it has zero maintenance cost. Moreover, Node.js has a ubiquitous community. There are several prominent and famous companies such as Netflix, AOL, Telenor that are obtaining the benefits of serverless architecture.    

5. Cloud Solutions: The point explained above is the perfect solution for making cloud apps. The serverless architecture will surely help in simplifying the cloud app construction. It has been estimated that cloud computing, AI, and ML models will take over the world.    

6. Microservice: Microservice is an alternative serverless approach. It turns out to be an architectural approach. The maintenance of code basically depends on microservice. Moreover, it is responsibly handling the quality of the code. Microservice architecture is well-known and ever-growing. Therefore, it can be a profitable and fruitful investment.   

Winding Up:   

Node.JS is increasingly attaining a lot of attention because of its mind-blowing efficiency & simplicity. There is a wide range of companies that have already invested in Node.js, and they have shown high trust in the Node.js technology. However, it seems that Node.js is quite simple, but it is not a cup of tea for all. If you want the Node JS Development Services, then reach out to the professionals. To invest in revolutionary work, one should hire professional Node.js developers in order to obtain robust solutions. It has been concluded that Node.JS will be a futuristic tech giant in the industry for sure.   

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